Customer Reviews

 1. “Often it really is the small tricks that make life better. I actually thought the tip about moving meetings outside was quite a mundane one. But since going on “thinking walks” in the park opposite my office I have noticed how much more creative I am whenever I move out of my usual environment and get some exercise and fresh air.” Jonas, 31 years, graphic designer

2. “Regardless of the table I’m sitting at, whether at uni, in a café or at home, the first thing I do is open out my myatta.notes in front of me. Maybe it’s become a bit of a habit, but it allows me to keep an eye on the ‘control centre’ of my life, to write down ideas and thoughts and keep track of the thousands of little details that crop up on a daily basis.” Sarah, 22 years, student

3. “I didn’t realise how much I was slowing myself down by wasting energy on aspects of my job that I can’t change anyway. But now that I finally have a specific plan of how I can turn my dream of self-employment into a reality, I am really motivated that things can only get better from here.” Gina, 34 years, hairdresser

4. “I was initially sceptical about whether such navel-gazing could help me. But looking back at things in retrospect, taking time for myself and reflecting on my inner self have actually made me more aware of what I want to do with my life than ten other self-help books on the topic ever could.” Elke, 45 years, teacher

5. “My to-do lists always used to be so long. Just looking at them would make me break out in a sweat! myatta.taskmanager has shown me that I don’t have to complete everything right away or really quickly, and that not everything takes the same amount of time. I feel like I’m much more in control of things now.” André, 29, junior product manager

6. “My wishy-washy ‘I’d like to learn how to sew one day’ has turned into a more specific ‘I’ll sew Lina a dress for her first day at kindergarten’, just by writing it down. I have planned which courses I will take and where, what I’ll need, and I also remembered I have a friend who will be able to give me some tips and support. Now nothing stands in my way!” Eva, 38, primary school teacher

7. “I work really long hours. That means I don’t see my friends enough, which I really regret. My new plan is to find the time to meet up with various friends twice a week. It doesn’t always work out, but every box I can tick makes me happy because I know that I’ve done something that is really fulfilling and important to me.” Heiko, 49, owner of a recruitment agency

8. “I’d never given much thought to the subject of gratitude before, I just got on with things. myatta.notes has helped me to examine everyday situations in more detail, and I’m noticing how positively the people around me are reacting to my new behaviour. That’s a good feeling.” Thomas, 51, entrepreneur